​Creative Dating


We believe

in meeting people

the old fashioned way


and we've made it

easier than ever

to do just that!​​


​​​​​​​ What Can Sparx Do For You 

How amazing would it be if you could tell in just one glance if that person sitting across from you on the Subway was available and open to a conversation?  Or the guy or gal at the pub, or the bookstore, or the market. Just think of all the available people you missed out on meeting because you didn't know they were out there.  And more importantly all the people who didn't get that chance to meet YOU! That's why we created SPARX to take the guesswork out of knowing who to talk to and to make the experience of meeting new people fun and easy!

​We have fashioned our rings in four different colours so that other people know at first glance exactly what you are looking for. You just choose a colour based on your interests and SPARX will do the rest!  It's as simple as that.

We knew when we created SPARX that we were providing millions of people with an incredible tool that would alleviate the stress behind meeting people and put the fun back into dating.  What we didn't anticipate was how our SPARX could single handedly help build confidence, strength, and assuredness.  So much so that when new possibilities and friendships presented themselves, people were ready!.  

​​Here's What Else We Can Do For You

Because we have fashioned our rings in four different colours to meet your specific needs, it means we have something for everyone.  Whether you are single, gay, looking for love, or simply looking for a companion to share your time with, we have the right colour and the right SPARX for you!

When people find themselves attracted to someone what is the first thing that they do?  They look at the persons wedding hand to see if he or she is taken. Well now you don't have to go around guessing any longer because SPARX have made it easy for you to approach someone without the guesswork or the fear of rejection.  Quite simply put, if you're wearing a SPARX then it means you're open to meeting new people. Now doesn't that just sound perfect!    

We at Creative Dating are a bit old fashioned in how we like to meet our potential partners and as it turns out so are millions of others.  So we've made it easy for you to meet people wherever you go. Whether you are out shopping, having a coffee, or mingling with friends, your SPARX are always working hard for you!  Day or night SPARX are opening new doors to new experiences.

​​How Do Sparx Work?