June 19th, 2016

Wine & Romance

With all that comes with starting a business and building it from the ground up, I have to say that there's nothing like taking a well deserved moment to feel the warmth of the summer sand.  This weekend we were lucky enough to be a part of the Toronto Wine & Spirits Festival at Sugar Beach where we had a chance to do just that.  With the sand between our toes and the SPARX between our fingers, we not only made some great connections and shared some valuable information, but we were given the opportunity to instill hope in people that had sadly lost faith in the art of love.  As it turns out there are a great many people that long to meet each other as they once did ... in a bookstore, at a coffee shop, or even at a wine festival!

There's no greater feeling than the feeling that comes with knowing you've helped someone.

June 22, 2016 

Get Out From Behind the Fence   


While I was walking to work this morning a young boy approached me and asked if I knew where the Koba family lived. Of course I had no idea, even though I lived in the neighbourhood, so I had to send him on his way no further ahead then when he had approached me.  

It's funny how something so innocent can get you thinking about so much.  Like who was the Koba family?  Where did they actually live?  Had I passed their house a thousand times or more on my morning walks?  Would they be a family I would enjoy being friends with?  I didn't have an answer to any one of these questions and it left me feeling almost as lost as the young boy that had asked for my help.

So I got to thinking about why that was and how much things have changed since I was that young boys age.  As kids we knew everyone on our street as did my parents.  We knew them by family name and exactly what house they lived in.  Most of their kids we played with and some of them we didn't.  Most of them my parents knew well enough to entertain with and others at least well enough to say hello to.  Things were different back then.  People made a point of getting to know their neighbours and making friends with them.  It felt good to know who lived beside you and even better knowing they knew you too.  Neighbours looked out for one another and kept an eye on each others kids.  You always felt safe because you knew someone was watching.  

Not any more.  Nowadays people make a point of not getting to know their neighbours.  They put up fences and high hedges, and look for every means possible to ensure privacy. And forget about them smiling or saying hello to you because that could lead to an unwanted conversation.  It's sad to think of how unfriendly we have become as a people and not just with our neighbours. Statistically we have become more closed off and unapproachable than ever.  We rely on devices like our phones or our iPads or our computers do the talking for us. We shy away from human interaction and face to face conversations.  We'd rather text someone than talk to them or email than call.  It's no wonder there are so many lonely people out there.  Especially single people.

With an era of people that prefer to spend hours on a computer typing up a profile about themselves rather than getting out there and actually meeting people face to face, it's no wonder so many of them are still single.  What happened to good old fashioned dating?  When people use to see someone they found interesting and go up and say hello or introduce themselves.  When having a spontaneous conversation was fun and exciting and not something to be dreaded.  I blame technology for this.  It's just too convenient and safe to sit behind a computer and search for love than it is to get up off the couch and go make it happen.  

I'm still that little girl that likes to say hello to her neighbours and play with their kids.  I'm an old fashioned girl who believes in meeting people the old fashioned way ... while I'm out and about doing my thing and being myself!  I don't need to carry around a picture of myself or a resume of all the things I like and dislike.  If you stop and talk with me you'll know first hand.    

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